Bed & Breakfast in Naples Association

Some examples of accommodation

NA013 - Santa Teresa (Naples)

NA027 - Gigante (Naples)

NA006 - Museo (Naples)

NA102 - Casamicciola

NA209 - Pompei Scavi

BN102 - Pontelandolfo (BN)

Are you thinking of coming to Naples? Are you interested in
Bed & Breakfast accomodation?
Please email us and you'll receive information according to your requirements.

What the association does

The Bed & Breakfast in Naples Association operates in Naples and its surroundings; it is dedicated to expansion of our members (b&b homes, inns, and other specially overnight accommodation) and to serving visitors by introducing them to our host families.
Its aim is:

The association will try to integrate tourist with inhabitants giving them the possibility to deepen their knowledge of the host city, with the help of the local people.
The association assists the professional growth of our members by:

Our accommodation

We have visited all our host families and have found a friendly atmosphere; each accommodation is comfortable and the host family will give guests information to visit the different parts of the city.
There are three kind of accommodation: rooms in family with private or shared bathroom, independent apartments, guesthouses.

Discover the bed & breakfast in Naples too, staying in one of our inspected and approved accommodation. We look forward to making your stay in Naples an enjoyable and memorable experience!

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Cupa Camaldoli, 18 - I-80131 Naples (Italy)

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