The creation of connect between system and persons working in Europe arrowud the same problems of rehabilitation and job reintegration of offenders and ex offenders and drop out, but that are different for geographic origin, for typology, for important and experience, create an added value.

The "Rainbow Project" (trasnational project of the Libera project) has two groups:
The first group of partner is AZB (Germany), Siges (France), Fundacion Patronato Jesus Abandonado de Murcia (Spain).

The second group is formed by Anpe Ele (France) and Suffolk Training and Enterprise Council LTD (England).


Objective of the project:

Definition of common intervention strategy among the partners;
Development of guidance tecnic;
Possibility of working and training stage in the foreigner industry;
Utilization of multimedia net services to exchange the information among the partners.


 Nature of the trasnational activities:

Exchange of didactics material; publication, multimedia products;
Diffusion of the results;
Exchange of methodology and struments;
Model of operative intervention.



Procedure of the co-ordinament and monitoring:

Construct of a group for the project management;
Periodical meeting among the responsible;
Trasnational seminar and conference;
Periodical meeting and interview to the tutor and target subject;
Diffusion of the results.

The trasnational activities allow to give international visibility the strong point of the organisation and to reinforce the weak area of project.

The partners must came to an agreement on the monitoring, the diffusion and valuation of the single activities, but they have to share