The course intends to form a multi-functional operator in the car – repair industry. The utilisation of this course can allow the acquisition of a working culture within a personalised collective dimension that is a feature of the small business.

The subjects have had experience with world of work that has negatively influenced their growth, the didactic organisation must therefore keep in mind this problem. The aim is to realise individualised learning courses, with an action – learning methodology that exploits the individual potentiality inserting them into the enterprise organisation.

The organisation of the activities in modules is significant of the matter learned during the course, constituted by a stage, articulated in phases that correspond to a typical job in the workshop. In fact the theoretical introduction to the profession realised in the initial part of the project.
So that during the stage period the attention of the trainees is directed to direct learning, by means of observation, verification of the methodology and the operative procedure of the productive cycle of car repairs.
The matters are dealt with over a time span dictated by the working time in the workshop, so that every day different matters are dealt with and verified, using the method of the transversal treatment of the didactic modules provided by the project.