Guidance activity

Activities of work insertion

Searching activity

Training intervention

Tutor training





The guidance activity consist in:

Creation of a data bank for jobs;

Organisation of the structures for the tutor and target subject;

Training and information for target subject and enterprise;

Supervision and valuation of the intervention.






Libera project turns towards a typology of target subject search as offenders and ex offenders for which the insertion in the world of works cames to be really difficulties.
The subjects have had experience with world of work that has negatively influenced their growth, the didactic organisation must therefore keep in mind this problem. The aim is to realise individualised learning courses, with an action – learning methodology that exploits the individual potentiality inserting them into the enterprise organisation.
The craft industry has a need of a specialised labour and hardly it is able to find substitution.






The searching activities will concern, mainly, the study of the chance that the craft industry develop:

Training activities;

Guidance activities;

Management of the job insertion.







As a regard the training course it is task of the enterprise observatory:

Identify the artisan tutor for the theory training;

Identify the artisan tutor that will follow the training course;

Identify the craft industries in which the targets subject carri out the training stage.

At the reunion will take part:

The responsible of the project;

The responsible of the observatory;

The responsible of the training course intervention;

A consultant of economy end company organisation.








All the tutors and volunteers have participated to a training course of 30 hours.

The general aims of all the activities are:

Supply tools to follow the learning phases of the craft,

Verify the relationship of the trainee with both the holder and colleagues.

Verify the motivation of trainee,

Establish a relation with the person in charge of motivation

Establish a relation with families,

Create new ideas for the future.

In the first period, relative to the first training course, volunteers and tutor of the project have participated to training aimed at the methodology of relationships among the subjects participating to the project; and at prison problems.