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There are many sites where it is possible to find texts of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotzkij, Luxemburg or other important theorists and militant of the communist movement.
In consideration of the comparative ease to find the main books of the above mentioned authors, we thought to start with the publishing of some books of the italian Communist Left particularly by Amadeo Bordiga, who has been the main inspirator.
This choice, obviously, is not casual because our organization believes the trend of the Communist Left has been the one that – both before and after the fall of the Third International – led a conclusive battle to face the assignments of the communist revolution in western countries and it has been able to draw a rigorous balance of the defeats which the revolutionary proletarian class suffered after the assaults during the early decenniums of this century from a militant point of view.

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Some of these texts are published in italian and it is possible to find them in our page classics in italian language

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