Onward - Genoa and beyond

The apparently long and slow "reasoning" above does not mean that we are not aware of the current urgency, but is intended to highlight the paths of political action that need to be taken by any movement that is determined to oppose globalised capitalism and its institutions.

This action cannot be limited to demonstrating against the summit meetings in which the brigands of the Earth refine their exploitative policies, but these important initiatives of mobilisation have to be brought alive and nourished by the struggle against the application of such policies to everyday life when these plans require the sweat and blood of the suffering working population; the pillaging of the environment; policies of austerity and stock market speculations that damage the peoples living in the south and east of the world (from Argentina to Turkey and Korea); UN-NATO military and diplomatic attacks against those peoples, such as the people of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Palestine, who refuse to bow down before the world order of profit; or the expropriation of the remaining native communities and those of the peasants living in the non-white continents (which also involves the expropriation of the life expectancy of workers throughout the world as a result of the blood lust of the vampires of capital; the modern slavery that enchains the female masses of the whole world.

These are the trenches (not invented by we communists, but imposed by the capitalist monster) from which we are working to unify the already mobilised struggles of the proletariat and the oppressed, and encourage the still silent but equally or more humiliated and offended working and oppressed masses to join the forces unleashed by their independent activities in a single world army that can change the course of history.

We understand that this is a difficult task whose objectives cannot be reached by means of simple appeals and invocations. Above all, in order to "re-awaken" the European proletariat from the torpor induced by decades of reformist politics, it is necessary to have a solid political vanguard whose energies are totally dedicated to fighting against the illusion that it is possible to defend the conditions of any group or sector by seeking to come to terms with capitalism. Any such agreement inevitably requires supporting one’s own country and government (be it directed by Bush, Berlusconi, Jospin, Schroeder or their like), and one’s own rapacious (national or European) bourgeosies, in their financial, political and military aggression against the oppressed peoples of the world as a whole. It is a difficult battle, but one that is essential if we want to erect today an effective defensive barricade against the attacks of globalised capital that can be used as a future bridgehead for an attack against capitalism aimed at liberating all of us from capitalist exploitation.

In order to be able to give oxygen and strength to this battle, we must organise ourselves in such a way as to rediscover our real roots and take up once again the essential arm of revolutionary Marxism and communist organisation.